Warehouse security

Security of warehouses

Officers Brotherhood provides a full range of activities for the protection of warehouses and storage facilities.

Theft of property by disloyal staff is a big problem. To hire and to train reliable people is a hard work. Unfortunately, high fences, barbwire or checkpoints do not provide the complete security confidence. For reliable protection of goods and property from theft, you must use a comprehensive set of security measures and technical means developed according to many years of practical experience to meet the individual requirements of the specific warehouse. Competent selection of security personnel, constant control over their activities, motivation and decent wages - that is what distinguishes us from other security organizations.

Prior to making a detailed protection proposal of your warehouse our experts conduct a thorough inspection of the object and analyze existing threats and vulnerabilities, which allows us to plan adequate and most effective security measures for your warehouse and it's surrounding area and to establish the high-quality activity on theft prevention and protection against external threats.