Mass events security

Crowd safety

Activities related to the high concentration of people, such as concerts, festivals, corporate events, meetings, sporting events, conferences, presentations, exhibitions, weddings, anniversaries and the like, imply an organization of professional protection in order to avoid accidents, violations of the law and to maintain public rule.

The Officers Brotherhood has all the necessary practical experience in securing the events of different scale and level. We maintain close cooperation with government agencies and law enforcement authorities, which is essential for highly effective protection during such events.

Our staff will organize a reliable controll of the admission of visitors to the event that will not let in strangers, criminals and suspisious persons, avoid bringing in the prohibited things such as weapons, explosives or spirits and so on, depending on the event and existing threats. In addition, the order will be provided at the event itself and and the surrounding areas and facilities and all the possibility of violations will be prevented.

Also it should be noted that the presence of professional security guards on your event will not only make the rest time and work of the participants comfortable and safe, but also enhance the status of the event. The highly qualified staff of the Officers Brotherhood has pleasant appearance, knowledge in the basics of law and business ethics and are able to perform their work quickly, efficiently and almost imperceptibly that is very important for events of high quality.