Education facility security

Security of educational institutions

Educational institutions, especially schools and kindergartens, are very attractive for all kind of intruders. This may be a child kidnaption attempts, terrorist acts, penetration of various kinds of perverts, drug dealers, thugs and other shady characters. In addition, modern schools are equipped with expensive equipment, computer classes, the cash is stored to pay teachers their wages and to cover the needs of the institution that is of great interest to criminals, eager for easy money.

The administration of the educational institutions is personally responsible for the safety of their students and material property, but today it is impossible to perform this function without security experts. Today every responsible parent will never choose a school without reliable security service. The Officers Brotherhood has extensive practical experience in effective protection of schools, higher educational institutions, kindergartens and other educational institutions from any possible abuse and unpleasant accidents.

Our highly trained staff completely excludes the risk of intrusion of aliens as well as the possibility of children to leave the territory withour adult supervision. If necessary, our Association is ready to organize the physical control of public order at the entrances and on the floors of the establishment. The cost of services depends on the protection scheme chosen and the number of members of the staff, but when it comes to health and lives of children it is wise to use the full range of security measures.