Detective services, polygraph

Detective services and Polygraph

Sometimes difficult situations in business or in private life may arouse that seem to be ambiguous or unsolvable. In such cases we recommend you to apply to a professional investigator offered by our Assosiation. This will allow you to find an effective solution to the problem or threat as soon as possible and to avoid serious mistakes and negative consequences.

Private investigators of the Officers Brotherhood will quickly and efficiently help you get necessary information, find the real cause of the phenomena, analyse possible consequences and take a balanced decision. In most cases a lawer's advice is not enough; often the problem requires more strategic measures, the unique detective experience and the use of specialized technologies.

The range of tasks solved by a private detective is truly diverse and include:

  • tracing missing persons, debtors or cars
  • check the alibi, daily contacts of the person
  • observation of the object, person, child or staff
  • search and collection of evidence and testimony
  • fraud, insurance cases, leakage of confidential information and unfair competition and much more.

It often happens that a security threat to buisness arises from the inside. The reliability of the personnel or the potential candidates for the job is crucial for the success of the company, especially if their duties are related to liability or commercial information. In this case the Officers Brotherhood offers you testing on a polygraph (lie detector), which is one of the most up-to-date and effective means to identify dishonest employees and to maintain the internal security. This is a valid and reliable method of checking which allows not to rely on your own intuition but to gather true evidence for making the right decision. To carry out the correct internal investigation, to make a real psychological portrait of an employee, to carry out a rigorous selection of worthy candidates for a position of responsibility - all of these issues are solved easily and efficiently using the survey on a polygraph.