Construction site security

Security of construction projects

Theft of building materials, road construction equipment, accidents, sabotage by competitors, conflicts with the opponents to the building construction is just a partial list of threats that any developer today could face. Unfortunately in modern world there is an increasing risk of your object fall victim to criminal attacks.

To avoid potential financial losses one can apply to security professionals. The Officers Brotherhood is ready to take over all the security issues of your construction project. Our employees provide constant and effective control of the territory as well as prevent an unauthorized access on it.

Also, it is possible to organize checkpoints, video surveillance systems, burglar alarms and fire safety, the organization of patrols and strict stocktaking of materials depending on the object, actual threats and customer requirements. Our technical department independently develops various kinds of electronic devices to detect the attempts of object intrusion.

Huge successful experience of our Association in the protection of construction projects of various types will save you money and hassle in case of any adverse and unusual situations.