Club, restaurant security

Security of clubs and restaurants

Entertainment facilities require increased attention to security issues. The prosperity of restaurant or club business depends on the comfort of its visitors. After all, the quality of recreation depends not only from an interior design, helpful staff, delicious food and pleasant music, but from a sence of safety and security as well.

We are helpful to organize the security and regulation of parking area and a complete face-control at the entrance to prevent inappropriate, suspicious or unwanted guests. Also, highly qualified staff of Officers Brotherhood will provide order, safe leisure to your customers and calm work to your employees even in case of most serious incidents such as fights, property damage, assaults, etc. Due to the vast professional experience in protection of nightclubs, restaurants, internet cafes and gaming establishments, we are able to perform security tasks quickly, efficiently and insencibly for holidaymakers.

The Officers Brotherhood provides individual approach to each customer and institution as well as rapid responce security services, the choice of guards outfit, construction, installation and technical support of video surveillance systems, alarms and more.