Video surveillance

ЧОП Офицерское Братство - Видеонаблюдение

It's difficult to imagine effective security service of any object without a surveillance system. To ensure the continuous non-stop visual control of the territory and all the important areas of the room by presence of the staff is not economically feasable. Obtaining instant information helps not only avoid costs due to criminal threats and inability to instant response, but also to optimise the everyday routine including reduce of costs by redicing number of security guards.

Modern video surveillance systems present a wide range of affordable devices that can be installed in appartments and private houses as well as the complete technical solutions for professional protection of complex objects. With the strategic control the customer gets the archive that may serve as a basis for internal analysis and investigation in case of an incident and as an evidence to provide to law enforcement agencies.

The technical department of the Officers Brotherhood is made up of high-level specialists. The Officers Brotherhood is for many years engaged in planning, installation, configuration and maintenance of video surveillance systems of any complexity for different objects and needs. In case of need we can use additional modern systems such as face recognition, recognition of car registration, motion sensors, PTZ cameras, thermal sensors and more.