"Officers Brotherhood"

Officers Brotherhood, The Assosiation of Private Security Companies, successfully operates in Russian Federation for more than 10 years.

We provide all possible types of security services and introduce the most up-to-date security technical solutions. We stick to individual and multipurpose approach to provisioning of security to our customers, reducing the probability of damage to customer's property or health and other relevant risks, avoiding unnesessary expences.

The team of Officers Brotherhood has more than 350 employees. It is based on reserve officers of FSB (KGB), Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Defense, all of them having rich professional experience in providing security.

All the staff of our Association takes the education in security schools and regular tests in educational centers in Moscow. Only employees with work permit (private security guard ID), personal guard card and insurance are engaged in protection of objects.

The mobile inspection team allows to controll our security officers on a 24/7 basis as well as to respond to different accidents. It should also be noted that close cooperation with regional and territorial bodies of internal affairs is established during the protection of objects.

Our goal is to provide the highest level of security to our customers.

Our advantages

  • We carefully select and regularly train our employees, each having experience and working permit for security service
  • We use only up-to-date and efficient equipment and the newest technical means of protection
  • We carefully select the security personell taking into account the specifics of the object to protect; we constantly controll over their activity, motivation and decent wages, and all that distinguishes us from other security organisations
Individual and system approach
  • We take into account the particular features of each object as well as requirements and wishes of our customers
  • We are developing an integrated and adequate set of measures to ensure maximum security at optimum cost
  • The effectiveness of long-term cooperation with our Association is confirmed by high appreciation and loyalty of our clients as well as their feedback and references
  • Our activity is assured
  • We have a wide experience of cooperation with law enforcement and administrative organisations
  • Being the informational security professionals, we as no one understand the importance of trade secret and confidentiality in every aspect of cooperation.